3 College Application Essay Tips for High School Seniors

3 College Application Essay Tips for High School Seniors

1. YOU Matter.  Tell a story that reveals some part of you in a positive light.  If anyone else could tell it, it's not personal enough.

2. Focused Flair.  Focus on your topic to make every word count, but do not play it safe.  This is not to say you should try to be provocative, but you should capture the reader's attention.  Be bold or vulnerable or idealistic or curious or imperfect... and be genuine.

3. Control What You Can.  First, write and rewrite, but keep your 17-year old voice intact. (You are rewriting in order to best say what you want, not to sound like you are older and wiser than you really are.) Then proofread; then have someone proofread for you; then proofread again. (The essay should reflect your best writing, and this includes correcting obvious errors.)

Students and families can get private, personalized guidance about the college admission process from an independent educational consultant.  Call 703-899-2778 or visit BetterCollegeChoices.com.


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