Clifton Artist Donates Painting to CBA

Amy Waldrop of the Art Guild of Clifton donated "The Barn" to the Clifton Betterment Association as an appreciation gift for the organization's support.

Clifton artist Amy Waldrop recently donated an originial painting entitled "The Barn" to the Clifton Betterment Association (CBA). The painting was presented to Michelle Stein, president of the CBA, in appreciation for the organization's support of the Art Guild of Clifton artists during this year's Clifton Day event.

The artwork is an acrylic-on-canvas painting that includes a special glazing process. Waldrop completed the painting this past summer during a series of air sessions with artist, Richard R. Russo, outside of the CBA's community barn located in the heart of Clifton. The barn is a venue used by many Clifton residents for different community events.

"I've been a Clifton resident for many years and value the dedication of the CBA to preserving the simplicity, character and charm of this beautiful little town," Waldrop said. "Donating this painting to the CBA felt like the right thing to do and I am thrilled for their plans to 're-gift' this work to a well-deserving CBA volunteer."

Stein said she was honored to accept the painted from Waldrop and members of the Art Guild of Clifton. Stein and the CBA presented "The Barn" to Linda Diseati in thanks for her years of service to the CBA, especially as organizer and planner for Clifton's annual Barn Dance.


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