Canada Geese in Clifton: Love 'Em or Can't Stand 'Em?

We saw them Monday along Chapel Road.

Fairfax County is home to thousands of Canada geese. Many live here year-round, and are easily scared off, flying away in a "V" formation. While they are beautiful birds, there are some guidelines for co-existing peacefully with them.

"Their adaptation to human environments has put them in increasing conflict with people," according to Fairfax County, which warns of feeding the geese.  "While not only unhealthy for geese, the feeding of such food as bread and popcorn can also make geese dependent on humans and even aggressive."

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Patch caught up with a couple Canada geese along Chapel Road in Clifton on Monday, and got this shot of them taking off for an area uninhabited by humans. 

Management of Canada geese is a federal responsibility and Fairfax County does not have the authority to handle goose-related issues. For more on geese, visit Fairfax County Animal Control


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