Police Refused Service, Flying Deer Hits Runner, Navy Yard Shooting, Candy Heiress Crash, and McAuliffe Wins — 2013 in Review

Top stories from 2013 on Patch sites in Virginia and D.C.

By Patch staff

Patch has 31 sites in Virginia and Washington. Here are 13 of the top stories from around the region over the past year.

Police Officers Refused Service at Buffalo Wild Wings
General manager issued an apology to the department. See why they were refused.

Runner Knocked Out by Flying Deer: 'Im Surprised I Made it Out Alive'
Vehicle strikes deer, deer lands on jogger.

Who is Washington Navy Yard Shooting Suspect Aaron Alexis
Aaron Alexis, 34, was killed in the shootings that left at least 12 dead. He had at least one previous firearms charge.

Lost Potential: Two Honors Students and 'Best Friends' and One Tragic, Violent Night
Police say Mark Edward Waugh, of Great Falls, was stabbed to death.

McAuliffe, Democrats Sweep Statewide Races
Attorney General recount delayed complete results, but Election Night gave Democrats narrow win.

Panda-Cam: National Zoo's Giant Panda Has New Itty-Bitty Baby
New healthy cub arrived in August, melted hearts. See her again!

Mom Sends 'Uncontrollable' Chantilly Teen to Siberia
Sofia Petrova was reportedly stranded in Siberia.

The Saddest, Most Adorable Photo You'll See
Puppy fractured his leg in four places after he was thrown off a balcony.

Mars Candy Heiress Was Driver in Fatal Crash in Loudoun
Co-owner of Mars Inc. was driver of SUV that struck minivan with women from Texas. She has been sentenced.

Virginia Law Allows Judges to Confine Prostitutes to … What?
Two charged with 'keeping a bawdy place' in Arlington in December.

New Coffee & Chocolate Shop in Fairfax City Has One Very Special Twist
There's one unique feature of the brand-new Cameron's Chocolates that will warm your heart.

NAACP Criticizes Arrest of MacArthur Student for Toy Gun Incident
Group called arrest “senseless” and “insensitive.”

Funeral Mix-Up for Virginia Family: 'This is Something You Read in a Fiction Novel”
The funeral home made a horrible mistake.


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