PHOTOS: "A Magical Christmas" at the Workhouse Arts Center

All six productions of the holiday show were sold out!

What if there were no gifts, no lights and even the mention of Christmas was outlawed? That's exactly what happened in the fictional town of "Believe" in the Workhouse Children's Theatre's latest production "A Magical Christmas." 

All six productions of the show were sold out, but not to worry—the unjust law banning Christmas was eventually repealed, and due in large part to the townspeople of Believe, who convinced the Mayor to get back into the holiday spirit.

Vianlix Mestey directed, wrote and produced the show. "I've lived in Woodbridge for 25 years, and there's absolutely nothing there like this theatre," she said. "The kids love the show. The fact that the characters interact with them, plus, they love the happy ending." 

In February, Mestey (who owns Mestey Films) will present "Sleeping Beauty: The Broken Spell", followed by "Cinderella: The True Story" in March.  

"A Magical Christmas" Cast:

Gabriel Holiday: Steve Izant

Joy: Vianlix-Christine Schneider

Jack the Baker: David A. Schmidt

Melody: Mary Jane Fogerty McQuade

The Mayor: Ariel Gonzalez


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