Restaurant Inspections: Starbucks, Davis' General Store, Country Club of Fairfax

Inspectors from the Virginia Department of Health Visited several Fairfax Station-area restaurants this month. See a sampling of those results below, and visit the health department's website for a complete list of recent inspections.

A "critical violation" is one that "poses a direct or immediate threat to the safety of the food being served." Non-critical violations are generally related to cleaning or maintenance.


Starbucks Coffee 
5748 Union Mill Rd., Clifton
Date of Inspection: July 30, 2013
No Violations

Twin Lakes Golf Course 
6201 Union Mill Rd., Clifton
Date of Inspection: June 27, 2013
No Violations

Country Club of Fairfax 
5110 Ox Rd., Fairfax
Date of Inspection: June 21, 2013
8 Non-Critical Violations
Non-Critical: (Corrected During Inspection) No hand soap at the bar hand washing sink.
Non-Critical: (Corrected During Inspection) No paper towels at the bar hand washing sink.
Non-Critical: (Corrected During Inspection)  No sign asking employees to wash their hands was at the bar hand washing sink.
Non-Critical: The cavity of a microwave oven was soiled.
Non-Critical: No thermometer in some of the refrigerators.
Non-Critical: Employees worked in the kitchen without the proper hair restraints.
Non-Critical: Interiors of refrigerators had grime and debris accumulation.
Non-Critical: Food storage areas did not have ceiling tiles.

Davis's General Store of Clifton 
7600 Clifton Rd., Fairfax Station
Date of Inspection: May 31, 2013
3 Critical Violations
Critical:  A permit to operate the business was not posted on the premises.
Critical: (Corrected During Inspection) Ham and turkey was held at an improper temperature.
Critical: (Corrected During Inspection) Tuna salad and potato salad were not thrown away within 24 hours of being made.

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