The Latest On Those University Mall Renovations in Fairfax

Wendy's should be ready by November, followed by Cardinal Bank and the expanded Giant food store.

A rendering of the completed University Mall in Fairfax. (Courtesy George H. Rucker Realty Corporation)
A rendering of the completed University Mall in Fairfax. (Courtesy George H. Rucker Realty Corporation)
Expect to drive past a completely different University Mall this time next year. The long-awaited renovation of the aging shopping center began in May, and its new identity will take shape as new stores crop up over the next several months. 

"The place is really decrepit and needs it badly," said Richard Wolff, president and CEO of mall owner George H. Rucker Realty Corporation. "Every single thing that you could look at today at the shopping center, if you come back next year - the trees, the courtyard, the buildings themselves - every aspect will be completely different. It's going to be really exciting."

The $30 million project will increase the retail square footage of the mall from 125,000 square feet to 190,000 square feet. It was delayed for over a year due to the approval processes of the County and the Virginia Department of Transportation, said Wolff.  

The mall was built in the mid-70s and has already seen transformation. The old cedar shade canopies have been removed, and all traces of brick will be replaced by honey-colored cut-face concrete blocks (that look like granite). 

Construction Update

Wendy'sThe concrete slab has been poured and Wendy's will start building next month. It takes three months to build a Wendy's from the ground up and the fast-food joint will open in November. 
Cardinal BankThe concrete slab is being poured next Tuesday, and the local branch (which has a kiosk in the mall) is expected to open next spring. 
GiantThe University Mall Giant is scheduled to close in Jan. 2014. It will take seven months to finish the expansion, move the retail area to a 51,000 square-foot second floor and build large indoor loading area to keep large grocery trucks hidden from public view. 
Medical Building/DaycareRucker Realty will construct a two-story office building for the southeast corner of the property, which will house a daycare and a pediatric office (currently located in the mall). The building is scheduled to be finished by the end of this year.  
Storefronts and CourtyardThe southern section of storefronts are expected to be finished within the next month and the northern storefronts by the end of September. The courtyard will feature fountains, new trees and wireless Internet. 
TrafficParking remains a problem at the shopping center, especially with George Mason University students and visitors who park at the mall and walk to school. George Mason University widened Braddock Rd. near the mall and the intersection of the entrance into the mall has longer left turn lanes, crosswalks and dual lanes that feed into the university.  Next year, the county will redo the intersection of Ox and Braddock Roads, resulting in dual left lanes in every direction. 
Steven August 08, 2013 at 07:44 AM
What about the movie theater? What will happen and when to it?
Jerri Lyn August 08, 2013 at 12:24 PM
I was also wondering about the movie theater.
Daniel Hale August 10, 2013 at 10:03 AM
Seriously. The theater seems to be popular. inquiring minds want to know.


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