Why take Lead Safety Training | EPA Lead Certification?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation requesting the application of lead-safe practices had been introduced on April 22, 2008. The EPA lead rule is targeted at preventing lead poisoning. Under EPA regulation, starting on April 22, 2010, companies doing RRP projects that disrupt lead-based paint in daycare facilities, residences, and schools constructed prior to 1978 must undergo lead safety training, be certified and must follow particular work procedures to prevent lead contamination.

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Who Needs EPA Lead Safety Training Certification?

Renovators, maintenance personnel, remodelers, Property Managers, painters, and any other workers enhancing or extracting over 6 sq ft of painted surfaces in houses construct before 1978. After completing this EPA lead certification course, they’ll have lead safety training certification as a Certified Renovator, that will accomplish HUD requirements for temporary controls training certification in Federally-assisted target homes. People doing work on the said field discuss above are necessary to registered for an EPA Lead Certification class and finished it to be in compliance with rule.
This 8- hour Lead Safety Training course handles topics including, lead exposure to kids under 6 years of age and adults from harmful work practices, how you can do something about lead - safe wet and clean and job planning, students will acquire EPA lead safety training certification of completion for lead control exercise.


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