Block-by-Block Fairfax Station: Where are the Cheap Mortgages, Breast Cancer Campaigns, Largest Families in Rentals and Worst Commutes?

Taking brush strokes of data to create a picture of Fairfax Station.

By Patch staff

Newscruncher is a daily series that breaks down the characteristics of your town by the numbers. You can see more posts by clicking the Newscruncher link above the headline or by checking out our weekend roundups, like this one. 

Map: Where in Town Are Mortgage Owners Paying the Least?
A snapshot of where mortgage owners are paying the least - and most! - in town.

Map: Commuting in Fairfax Station
Take a look at how long it takes people to get to work. 

Nearby Breast Cancer Campaigns Could Use Your Help
A list that shows nearby breast cancer-related campaigns trying to raise money. 

Map: What Part of Town Has the Largest Families in Rentals?
A snapshot of the average household size for renters across town.    

More maps:

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Fairfax Station by the Block: Where are the Most Million-Dollar Houses, Teen-age Moms, Largest Families and Homes Without Phones?


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