Jury Sentences Cena for Road Rage Death in Fairfax City

Family of dead man says legal system failed him and family.

Librado Cena, 57, was convicted of misdemeanor assault and battery in the road-rage fight with William O'Brien in April 2013.
Librado Cena, 57, was convicted of misdemeanor assault and battery in the road-rage fight with William O'Brien in April 2013.

A Fairfax County jury on Wednesday sentenced Librado Cena to three months in jail for a road rage incident at the Fair City Mall that led to another driver’s death.

Cena, 58, of Fairfax City, had been found guilty Tuesday of misdemeanor assault for a scuffle that led to the death of 63-year-old William O’Brien last April.

he maximum sentence is 12 months in jail.

Cena testified that he had hit O'Brien only once in the Best Buy parking lot in Fairfax. But O’Brien died 10 days later, reportedly from a head injury during the fight that was made worse by a blood-thinner he had been prescribed.

Charges of aggravated malicious wounding were dropped last fall, but a grand jury indicted Cena on a misdemeanor assault and battery charge in November.

Before the sentence was announced, O’Brien’s family members gave tearful testimony about the impact his death had on the family, according to The Washington Post. 

Robin Remsburg, O’Brien’s widow, described the suffering O’Brien endured in the 10 days he clung to life after the assault, the Post reported, and she said that the “legal system has failed my husband and family,” since Cena was only facing a misdemeanor charge. She said he should have been “on trial for homicide.”

A final sentencing hearing in the case will occur on May 9. At that time, a judge can decrease the jury’s recommended sentence, but not increase it.

Gary Howe February 27, 2014 at 05:42 PM
Totally agree - outrageously disgusting. Our legal system has totally been destroyed from within. You can get more time caught with a marijuana cigarette! Outrageous. S I C K E N I N G!
Kelly O'Brien February 28, 2014 at 08:52 AM
Some of you assume Cena's account of the events is gospel. There is no evidence proving my father "beeped incessantly". No one will ever know the truth of what happened that day.
hasty krippendorff February 28, 2014 at 10:58 AM
Also, for those who sat in support of Cena in the court room in defense of his character, should know that basic psychology can involve acting good & ethical & exemplary with family, friends, & congregation, but can deviate from that when they aren't around, & when he thinks nobody is looking. Would he have turned himself in after his assault to the victim, if the cctv cameras didn't record his unnecessary & fatal aggression?
Theresa Phan March 27, 2014 at 12:58 PM
I am with Cena. Sounds like O'brien decided to start something and ended up with more than he bargained for.
Phyllis Niper April 25, 2014 at 11:11 PM
Yes, all it takes is one punch. I am so tired of all the hot heads in this world. My brother was murdered by a hot head. My borther was in a store getting his daughter's medication when my brother accidently bumped shoulders with another man. My brother said he was sorry and went on. From behind this guy hit him in the head so hard he was knocked out. 2 days later we lost him, just because of an a_ _ hole. By the way the a_ _ hole that did this never spent a day in jail, his relative worked for the jail in town and it never went to trial. SO YES ONE PUNCH CAN KILL.


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