Fairfax County Offers Enhanced Viewing Online of Supervisors' Board Meetings

Watch board meetings live or on demand.

The Department of Cable and Consumer Services, in partnership with the Board of Supervisors, has introduced a new online streaming media solution to view Board of Supervisors meetings on demand, according to a release from Fairfax County.

Using technology from streaming media content provider Granicus, viewers can now keyword search and navigate directly to specific Board meeting agenda items. The video link launches a split-screen window, with video and options to the left and the meeting agenda to the right. By clicking on an individual agenda item, the video will jump to that portion of the meeting.

"Board meeting information is now more accessible. You can watch Board coverage anywhere you usually watch video - on Channel 16, a computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device," said Michael S. Liberman, director, Department of Cable and Consumer Services, in a news release. "We will continue to look for opportunities to reach out to more viewers."

The most recent meetings are added on the Thursday following each Board meeting. A separate live video stream is also available during the meeting.

  • On Demand Video of all 2013 and 2012 Board meetings is available online.
    • Dozens of video on demand programs are available online and on Cox Cable Channel 16.
  • In addition to video, Board of Supervisors meeting materials are archived.
    • Materials include the meeting summary, podcast audio, news and board presentations.
  • Additional short-form videos are available on the county's YouTube channel.

For more information about county video streaming, contact the Communications Productions Division at (703) 324-5930.

Fairfax Watcher February 12, 2013 at 03:06 PM
This is really great news for desk top computers and laptops! The new way is super, but...APPLE users could be out of luck if the County does not provide a way for IPhone & IPad users to stream the video. What good is a frozen picture of the BOS group? County says the problem is fixed the IF you download Microsoft Silverlight....really? Download Microsoft on my Apple "I" device ? Has the County stepped on it again....or am I just lost in Microsoft duh space?? Dear County - PLEASE fix this so you & we can move into the 21st century!!


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