Meet Delegate Tim Hugo

Spotlight on Delegate Tim Hugo

At a Glance

  • Born: Virginia Beach
  • Family: Married, four children
  • Public Office: Delegate, 40th District House of Delegates
  • Occupation: Runs the File Free Alliance in Clifton

Tim Hugo started his career in politics as a receptionist on Capitol Hill and moved up to be a state Delegate for the 40th District.

Hugo (R) has held his seat, which covers portions of Fairfax Station and Clifton, since 2003. This year, he faces independent candidate Dianne Blais in the November election.

Having grown up in the Virginia Beach area, he received his degree at William and Mary in 1986 and also received a Kodak Fellowship for the Senior Managers at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

After college I literally wanted to move up and get involved in politics, so I moved to Washington D.C.,” Hugo said.

He got his career started answering phones, and later moved up to a position in the Pentagon. Now he runs the Clifton-based File Free Alliance, a public-private partnership which helps low and moderate income taxpayers to receive free tax returns.

Since being elected to office, one of the things that Hugo said he finds most challenging is communicating with legislators who reside outside of Northern Virginia.

“When I got elected, I found that the rest of the state has a chip on its shoulder about Fairfax County, but I’ve worked aggressively to build bridges,” Hugo said. “I’ve reached out over the years.”

Hugo said that he’s helped work on things such getting electricity in Fairfax Station rerouted. Portions of Fairfax Station were experiencing frequent power outages and so Hugo said that he arranged a meeting between homeowners and power company NOVEC.

“NOVEC is in the process of investing a few million to hardwire some of the wire into Fairfax Station,” Hugo said. “They’re cutting branches that are falling on power lines and they are adding new hardware.”

Hugo also introduced legislation that would require at least 75 percent of students admitted to state-run universities be Virginia residents.  That bill was introduced earlier this year and is still in the works.

“I hear day after day from families whose children have excellent SATs and they are involved in every extracurricular and the child gets rejected from William and Mary. And I just think that’s wrong,” Hugo said.

In his spare time, Hugo said that he spends time with his wife and four children.

“I have four wonderful kids and they are my hobbies,” Hugo said. “I have a day job and delegate job and that keeps me busy enough."


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