Photo of the Day: Dinner Time at the Meadowood Barn

Time for some chow.

Patch was just in time for dinner at the Meadowood Barn on Thursday, Dec. 6. The bell rang at around 3:30 p.m., and the 16 horses that live at the barn responded by walking back to their stalls unaided to wait for their evening meal.

Fate of Barn/Boarding Remain Questionable

The future of the Meadowood Barn remains questionable, and the Bureau of Land Management, which owns the facility, is expected to make a formal decision in January on the Environmental Assessment of the aging structure.

Barn manager Allison Mills is now down another horse (it went to a training facility and was not allowed to come back, she said), and due to her contract with BLM, she is unable to increase the number of horses boarded beyond 15. 

The development options outlined in the environmental assessment are: 

  1. Renovate the existing barn on its current footprint, while closing the facility to the horses and horse-related businesses on the property during the renovation.
  2. Immediately close and demolish the structure.
  3. Leave the structure as is, but close the horse-related businesses on the property.

Click here to read more Patch coverage of the Meadowood Barn situation. 


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